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Energy Drinks

LED Cooler

Discover the new LOUIS XIV Energy coolers with stunning LED technology! Now also available for your own living room. Perfect as a decoration and to make sure that your friends always have an ice-cold LOUIS XIV Energy at hand.

Beside fine-grained temperature settings, and an interior lighting, which can be turned on and off, the LOUIS XIV coolers has a laser-engraved LOUIS XIV crown in the front glass-door, which shines in a golden color.

Coming Soon

24 Carat


Louis XIV is the one and only energy drink worldwide with real 24 carat gold flakes!

For thousands of years gold has been one of the most precious elements in this world. Forbes Magazine found out that the entire global supply of gold only fills 3 Olympic sized swimming pools.

Louis XIV created an awesome symbioses between this rare and mystic metal and a highly effective refresher.

This drink has definitely a personality of its own!


It doesn't matter how and where you enjoy your Louis XIV Energy - you will always have an unforgettable experience!

As an effective refresher in the morning, as a sports drink or mixed with your favorite vodka in the club, Louis XIV is an unique Energy Drink with an absolutely outstanding look.

The sparkling real 24 carat gold flakes in the drinking glass will leave you breathless.

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