Louis XIV Vegan 250ml

CHF 2.60

  • Vegan
  • No sweeteners
  • Without taurine
  • Natural Caffeine
  • With 8 vitamins ( 100% daily requirement coverage )
  • High-quality guarana
  • Fruit content 8.5%
  • Fruity-tart, refreshing taste
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Louis XIV Vegan 250ml

The fruity alternative - Louis XIV goes vegan ...

The natural caffeine kick with 8 vitamins. Helps to improve the ability to concentrate and increase the level of alertness.

Taste: tangy, fruity, fresh of grapefruit and lemons

Without a guilty conscience. Natural caffeine for a quick effect.
8 anti-stress vitamins. / Natural Fruit Sweetness & Real Fruit Juice. / High-quality guarana for an even longer-lasting effect. / Fruity-tart refreshing. The intelligently balanced combination of ingredients can improve the energy metabolism
(B1, B3, B5, B12, C, biotin), activate the nervous system (B1, B3, B6, biotin) and support the immune system (B6, B12, folic acid, C).

Developed by Dr. Johannes Weingart.


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