Nurburgring 24h Endurance Simulator Challenge


Saturday the 28th of February saw the LOUIS XIV Energy sponsored, “The Gentleman's Jolly” take part in the 24hour Nurburgring simulator endurance race with a 10 man team in aid of the Brain Tumour charity. 12 teams took place in the event in total and it was a great success, the total raised for the charity currently stands at over £8000 much more than the initial £5000 the event organisers had hoped for, in fact it was so popular plans are already in place for next years re-match.

So 12:00 midday on the Saturday and the first member of The Gentleman's Jolly team Mat Finch was up after landing from Los Angeles just over an hour before, Mat put in a heroic 2 hour stint and put the team in a respectable 6th position.

By mid afternoon The Gentleman's Jolly in there Ferrari 458 had been jostling places with the McLaren 650S both jostling between 6th and 7th position. Lamborghini Club UK and there professional BlancPain racer were holding there own at the top of the pack putting in some astonishing sub 9 minute times, meanwhile unfortunately a few big off's had seen The Gentleman's Jolly team slip back to 9th position by early evening.

But the fight was not over and as The Gentleman's Jolly team pitted and the driver's changed places the driver's put in some very admirable driving to put the team back into 7th position by the time the night and dark had fully drawn in.

As midnight and the halfway marker approached the hours had taken there toll on the drivers even the normally steadfast Lamborghini Club UK team had some big crashes, 

many of the racers could be found propped against walls or lay on any available floor space hoping to catch those vital power naps before there were next called into action.

As the sun rose on the Sunday morning so did the spirit and determination of the racers, charity rides were being given in the Gallardo coupe to help raise more funds for the charity and the breakfast runs were being made. Refreshed and ready for action the team attcked the track with earnest, a few technical issues during the early hours saw 2 teams slip a few places and though we couldn't be definite of how this would affect standings until the event end The Gentleman's Jolly team had managed to climb up to 5th position. The real fight at this stage though was between Lamborghini Club UK and Team Diane both of which had decided to use there two strongest drivers to put in the last 7 hours , the tension was high as the time counted down and the lap counter climbed. After a Noble performance by both teams Lamborghini Club UK finished in second behind Team Diane who finished less than a lap ahead, after totalling up the laps the TGJ team dropped a space but still a worthy performance and one the guys are proud of.

A massive thankyou to Daniel, James, Mike, Jimmy, Rajan, Lee, Mat, Paul, Emma, Jo, Dan, Kris and everyone who came down to show there support for The Gentleman's Jolly team they hope your ready for next year.  ​

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