Motor Show Run 2015


Early on Sunday the 17th of May and the sun was shining over the tranquil grounds of the Foxhill's country club. We where ready to give the Jollyers a very small taster of what we have planned for the summer and at 7am and with the sounds of V8's and V10's winding there way up the tree lined driveway that opportunity was granted.

A great bunch of Jollyers and cars came out to play on the day a couple of Jollyers had to pull out last minute due to work commitments and car issues but the show must go on and everything from a Ferrari 458 and BMW i8 to a classic Audi Quattro and a Porsche 911 cup car joined the masses on the day.

As more and more Jollyers joined the group and the excitement built, the teams (Fuelled on Louis XIV energy drinks and Corkers crisps) were ready to get on the road, so after a quick briefing and the start grid line up the Jollyers were off and the Motor Show Run 2015 was well and truly under way.

As you can imagine with this amount of exotic metal on display it wasn't long before the police were sniffing around and it saw Team Jolly pulled over within the first 30 minutes of the run for a non driving related offence but because of an error on the police computer! Once the flood of calls from Jollyers had been answered and the matter cleared up we were soon back on our way (None of the Jollyers had any more police trouble after our first encounter). Though we were a little behind the pack at this stage Jollyers kept in touch and carried on the party up front as only true Jollyers would and we were soon back together again at our M6 Toll re group and re fuel stop.

After a much needed toilet and food stop and the once the convoy had regrouped (having picked up a few more Jollyers on route) we refuelled and headed back out and on our way north towards Cumbria and the Elite sports and performance motor show.

More Jollying commenced until we regrouped again to be greeted by an Elite sports and performance motor show representative to lead our group into the show ground, as we were now only 9 miles from our final destination. Unfortunately the pace car got a little excited and managed to split the pack but hey it's not a true Jolly without at least 1 impromptu detour right? After a few twists and turns the majority of the group arrived at the show ground together to a sizeable crowd lining the entrance road and welcoming the Jollyers like celebrities, of course there was plenty of the obligatory cameras and phones in hand, and the tail end of the group trickled in over the next 30 minutes or so.

Overall a great ran and a great day with a great bunch of Jollyers, if you love this then we can't wait to show how we put on a real full size show on our August UK rally and September London – Monaco rally.

A massive and heart felt thanks to everyone that came out on the day and until next time Jollyers remember, Keep it Jolly!

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