Mäty is an up-and-coming artist from Switzerland with Croatian roots who moves in the genres of Modern RnB and House music. Her passion for music, especially singing ballads, developed early in her childhood. For a long time, however, she hesitated to present her voice to the world.

Her path to a music career was marked by personal challenges, most notably a lack of self-confidence and insecurity. But then something amazing happened: a good friend brought her into the studio, and Mäty dared to audition. The endorsement from professional musicians gave her the boost and confidence she needed to pursue her musical dream.

Since then, Mäty has realized that her music not only helps herself, but also gives a voice to others in similar situations. With her music, she wants to offer hope and support by incorporating her honest and authentic personality into her songs.

Mäty is now ready to continue her musical journey in Modern RnB and House and expand her career. She strives to explore new possibilities and present her music to a wide audience to touch people’s hearts and spread a positive message.

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