Louis XIV

LOUIS XIV Energy excites you with it‘s distinctive and full-bodied taste due to it‘s citric base which inspires this unique energy drink and leaves you full of life.

When tasting this exquisite drink you will take your taste-buds on a journey of various aromas such as vanilla, caramel and raspberry and everything in between.

Come with us – join the LOUIS XIV family on this wonderful trip to a new dimension of energy drinks. Perfect as a refresher or to mix with your favorite vodka.

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LED Cooler

Discover the new LOUIS XIV Energy coolers with stunning LED technology! Now also available for your own living room. Perfect as a decoration and to make sure that your friends always have an ice-cold LOUIS XIV Energy at hand.

Beside fine-grained temperature settings, and an interior lighting, which can be turned on and off, the LOUIS XIV coolers has a laser-engraved LOUIS XIV crown in the front glass-door, which shines in a golden color.


Geniesse LOUIS XIV Energy in verschiedenen Packungen. Wähle zwischen sixpacks, einer 4er oder 9er Box. Auch kannst du deine Freunde mit einer Geschenkbox überraschen!



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