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Foundation of the "Louis4Artists" association in October 2022


Why "Louis 4 Artists"?

Art and culture are a quality of life and everyone enjoys them in their own way, be it listening to music, attending a concert, going to the cinema, theater or museum.

The idea for “Louis 4 Artists” came to us about two years ago when all artistic events were canceled. We founded the association “Louis 4 Artists” with the purpose of supporting artists of all kinds, institutions such as theaters, playhouses, cinemas and concert venues.

Because our society lives from and with its artists.

The Louis XIV energy drink and all XIV Spirits products form a product range from which the “Louis 4 Artists” association is supported with 20% of the profits.

How does our support work?

A click on this link will take you to the club website where everything else is explained in detail.


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