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LOUIS XIV - what's that?

First of all, many thanks for asking me to do an interview for your magazine. LOUIS XIV Energy is a new "functional drink", which was launched 6 months ago in Switzerland and Denmark.

In this short time LOUIS XIV Energy has already achieved a great deal of success - the feedback from our customers has been really great. Every day we receive fan-photos and have quickly reached over 80,000 followers on Facebook with our Louis XIV Fan Page. Our products and our website have both won several international awards, including the "World Beverage Innovation Award" in the category "Best Can", and the "International Design Award" by Marc Praquin.

LOUIS XIV Energy has the taste of a classic Energy Drink. We have deliberately omitted the use of exotic ingredients such as Litchi or Açai, but nevertheless have taken great care to offer our customers a unique taste experience; The flavours go from vanilla through to caramel then to raspberry and many other mixed forms in between. LOUIS XIV scores with a very powerful and full-bodied taste – and all this with an ever present citrus background.

I'm sure fans Energy Drink will confirm that LOUIS XIV Energy benefits from a variety of distinct flavours, normally only attributed to very good wines.


When, where and how has LOUIS XIV arisen?

The concept of Louis XIV Energy was developed in Switzerland in the summer of 2013. As big energy drink enthusiasts, our desire for a new and unique beverage had long been a topic of discussion. Our CEO was an avid collector of Energy Drink cans in the 90s. So for this reason, we have always had a great affinity for energy drinks and other beverages. The time is ripe for a new, spectacular Energy Drink which will definitely shake up this market again.


When, where and how did you come up with the name Louis XIV?

After we had developed the concept for this unique energy drink, we went to look for a name that would suit this product perfectly. Louis the 14th, also called LOUIS XIV, was a great monarch who had not only enriched France culturally, but also had a very strong sense of aesthetics. It has been well documented in many books that he was a real gentleman. He would even bow and doff his hat before his maidens. Artistically he was very gifted, and with 72 years on the throne he became the longest reigning monarch in Europe. Undoubtedly he became one of the most impressive personalities of our contemporary history.

Aesthetics, durability and elegance are all values that run throughout our company. For this reason, it is very obvious that we have chosen the name LOUIS XIV.


... A promising name. What makes your brand so special and different from the others?

True to our motto "Enjoy the Revolution" at LOUIS XIV we aim to take our consumers on a journey they won't soon forget. Besides the fact that we take a different focus and move more into the lifestyle sector, there are many other factors that differentiate us from our competitors. In developing the taste we've made every effort that LOUIS XIV Energy optimally harmonises with different varieties of Vodka and other alcoholic beverages and thus be very successfully mixed.

What makes LOUIS XIV Energy massively different from other energy drinks, is the fact that our concept appeals to a very broad audience, and by that I mean not only the classic energy drink consumers; as we have clearly seen in the past 6 months, but we are now seeing this approach reaching individuals who have previously never felt addressed by energy drinks. We have received great response from people aged over 40 or 50 years that are currently rediscovering energy drinks thanks to us.


Which products are included in the LOUIS XIV-portfolio?

Our main product is the LOUIS XIV "Energy" edition. It is the ideal everyday refreshing drink, especially during exercise, whilst learning, or at work.

Our work on the "Sugar Free" edition has also been completed.
At the end of the year we will also launch our LOUIS XIV "24 Carat Gold Flakes" Edition. This version has the same great taste as the "Energy" edition and has an almost transparent colour which we call "champagne" This means that 24-carat gold flakes in the drink sparkle and become an even greater visual effect.

In 2016, we will launch the LOUIS XIV "Glow" edition to the market. Also identical in taste, the "Glow" edition is designed so that the can, and the liquid glows brightly in UV light.


Why a drink with gold flakes?

In the drinks market, certain brands of vodka and champagne are already available with gold flakes - LOUIS XIV Energy wanted to go one step further, and give consumers the opportunity of an exclusive experience to enjoy this too but without alcohol. Above all, they will now have the freedom to drink the brand of Vodka of their own choice!

In addition, gold is one of the oldest remedies known to human history. For several thousand years doctors from all cultures of the world have hailed the healing properties of the "metal of light." Gold leaf has been well known to improve mental attitude and a person’s emotional state on a grey winter days.

Why this mystical metal can actually cure ailments, scientists can only now unequivocally declare. In tiny doses Gold has a regulating effect on the human immune system. Conclusions arrived by Swedish and American researchers show that Gold salts prevent the release of certain proteins from the nucleus of immune cells, which trigger inflammation. LOUIS XIV Energy has created a wonderful symbiosis between this rare and mystical metal and a highly effective soft drink.


LOUIS XIV is also in the areas of lifestyle, celebrities and sports. What exactly are you doing?

We want our clients to immerse themselves in the world of LXIV. This means we want not only to identify with certain sports, but actually go a step further. That's why we try to make our activities very diverse. In the nightlife area LOUIS XIV Energy is very active, for example; Great clubs, interesting people and a sparkling mood - that's what makes the lifestyle of LXIV special and we invite all our fans to celebrate with us.

In November, we teamed up with Lionsgate and Ciroc vodka as co-sponsor of the official VIP-party at the world premiere of "The Hunger Games" – It was an incredibly spectacular occasion and also an honour for us to personally meet Hollywood greats such as Donald Sutherland and Jennifer Lawrence.

In sports, LOUIS XIV Energy is of course also very active. Although our focus is in the lifestyle sector, as an energy drink manufacturer we value the virtues of "Power" and "Speed" as being also very important. LOUIS XIV Energy is sponsoring athletes from the Swiss Ski cross teams and various partnerships with associations throughout Europe. These include the "Gentleman's Jolly Club" from England, and "Dream Concept" from Denmark - both clubs regularly organize car races in the luxury category.


If your target audience also mainly from these areas?

Our field of action is widespread and our target audience is very diverse. Of course we will take our brand to the classic energy drink consumers, but as I already mentioned above, we are rated highly with people who have previously never tried an energy drink. We are particularly pleased with this and it shows us that we are on the right track.


Where can we buy LOUIS XIV? Where are your products sold in Germany?

Within 4 months, we have managed to secure multiple agreements with well-known partners in the beverage industry and have signed a lot of exclusive contracts in various European countries. This year we are focusing mainly on Scandinavia, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, England and the Balkans. We are already in negotiations with major distributors in China and the US, as well as in many other countries. Every day we receive several requests from all around the world.

In Germany and other European countries, our product is currently available on Amazon. Our customers benefit from a very fast and above all, free delivery service. I reckon that Louis XIV Energy will soon be readily available in the retail sector in Germany too. We ask our fans to be patient though - we will do our utmost best to get supplies as soon as possible to our German customers and are very pleased to have our products on sale soon.


Which means of communication are being used in your marketing? What do you do specifically in the area of social media?

LOUIS XIV Energy goes about its marketing as I already described above in very different ways. Our communication and our marketing strategy differs massively from our competitors, but of course we also put a big focus on social media. On our Facebook page we have quickly registered already more than 80,000 fans from all around the world.

We will surprise you all soon with our many competitions, gadgets and games on Facebook and other social media channels in 2015 for all our fans.


What is planned for the rest of this year at LOUIS XIV?

Along with extending distribution to other European countries, exclusive marketing campaigns are planned, including one particular star-photographer who has worked in 2014 with "Jean-Paul Gaultier" – This will surely be an incredible visual treat!

Furthermore, we are in talks with many other partners, but cannot say more than that at the moment. I invite any interested parties to make contact with us as soon as possible and to keep up to date via our website for the latest news. ( we are of course very pleased to receive all new visitors.



I hope your readers have enjoyed reading this interview and I am looking forward to receiving more feedback from energy drink fans from all around the world! We are delighted when our customers visit our website and our Facebook page and ask questions – If you have any questions, please contact us at:

We are here for our friends at any time. I wish you all a wonderful week and Greetings from Zurich!

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